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Fixed Implant Dentures

Dentures that actually feel like your natural teeth.

Standard dentures are certainly better than nothing. But given how easily they can slip and shift when you eat and talk, they certainly don’t feel or behave anything like natural teeth. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better way, there is: fixed implant dentures are a life-changing alternative. Since they’re permanently anchored to four or more dental implants, they will never shift or move. So they feel like the natural teeth you miss. And you can use them like natural teeth. So your confidence and lifestyle will improve dramatically.

How a fixed implant denture works.

Dr. Thomas has many years of experience performing implant procedures for people from all over the Halifax area, and has a high level of skill in this field. He and his caring staff complete the entire procedure conveniently right in our office.

Fixed Diagram

1 Titanium implants

These strong and non-toxic titanium posts are implanted in spots specifically-chosen to maximize denture support.

2 Abutments

The abutments permanently attach to the implants and provide attachment points for the denture.

3 Denture

Custom-designed dentures securely attach to the abutments. The dentures are permanently attached by Dr. Thomas, and are only removable by him.

The steps in a professional fixed implant denture procedure.

Your fixed implant denture treatment is a routine in-office procedure that’s actually quite simple. Every treatment is conducted in a few stages—not all of which will apply to all people. Keep in mind that you may get teeth in a day, but the final restoration often involves several months of healing.

  1. Consultation and X-ray

    This is your chance to ask any questions you have about the procedure, and Dr. Thomas’s opportunity to learn more about your needs and craft a custom treatment plan using our Cone Beam CT scanner.

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  2. Preparation of implant sites

    If you have damaged or unhealthy teeth where the implants will go, we’ll remove them, and if needed, perform a grafting procedure to create the best implant areas possible.

  3. Placement of ceramic implants

    Using a custom-made surgical guide to find exactly the right implant spots in your jaw, Dr. Thomas will place the implants in a simple and quick surgical procedure—usually four or more per jaw.

  4. Placement of denture arch(es)

    After bone has grown and healed around the implants, new dentures—designed to fit your mouth perfectly—are inserted and permanently attached to the implants. Your new fixed implant dentures are now complete!

The benefits of your new fixed implant dentures.

Begin your journey to new teeth with a personalized consultation.

A detailed professional exam is Dr. Thomas’s opportunity to learn more about your needs and make an informed recommendation for treatment, and it’s your chance to better understand the implant procedure. Take that first life-changing step now, and arrange your private, one-on-one meeting with Dr. Thomas.

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